Pledge of Honor

Be Respectful

Respect each other and each other’s property. If there’s a conflict, respectfully work together to resolve it.

Be Fair

Good service providers prioritize quality work and fair pricing, while consumers should value providers’ time and money and provide honest reviews

Be Professional

Maintain professionalism by communicating clearly and prioritizing mutual comfort in all situations

Be Honest

Respect each other and each other’s property. If there’s a conflict, respectfully work together to resolve it.

Be Reliable

Respect each other’s time by promptly answering calls, texts, and emails. Be punctual for all appointments and ensure availability to avoid confusion.

Be Inclusive

Avoid discrimination based on various factors, including race, gender, religion, and ability. Reprosify has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination.


While Working with Consumers I Will

1. Honor the rates and services identified in the leads I have claimed on Reprosify’s platform.
2. Respond as quickly as possible to consumer inquiries via email, phone, or text, and within Reprosify’s Platform.
3. Set clear expectations of my availability; and if I’m unavailable for any period lasting longer than one business day, I will notify the lead and Reprosify.
4. Notify Reprosify immediately if the lead would like to work with a different company.
5. Use and embrace the Reprosify Platform.

While Communicating and Collaborating with Reprosify I Will

1. Respond as quickly as possible to representatives via email, phone, or text, and from within Reprosify’s Platform.
2. Provide Reprosify with updates every seven (7) days until I’ve secured the lead as a client.
3. Notify Reprosify if I have determined that the consumer has decided not to use my services, or have reason to believe the consumer may use another service.
4. Be honest and transparent about my interactions with the consumer.

While Using the Reprosify Platform I Will

1. Provide feedback and suggestions to Reprosify representatives about the Platform
2. Honestly and candidly complete surveys about services, experiences, and opinions about the Platform
3. Cooperate with my assigned Reprosify Concierge to ensure the Platform is always-up-to-date

I Understand I Will Stop Receiving Leads if I

1. Charge additional or unfair fees to consumers which are not disclosed properly.
2. Violate or fail to fulfill the requirements of this Acknowledgement, or the Agreement of which it is a part.

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Reprosify sparks discussions among real estate professionals, lauded for its effective lead generation strategies tailored specifically for realtors.
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Samantha Richman Real Estate Agent

Reprosify is hands down the holy grail for all struggling realtors out there! I’ve invested in several lead generation platforms, but they didn’t really get me anywhere. With Reprosify, I was connecting..

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