Precision Geo-farming that drives real results.

Target and convert potential leads in your local area to fuel your business growth, increase brand visibility, compete with larger brands, and capture the attention of your target audience at the right place, at the right time.

Geo-Targeted Data

Curate a list of contacts for your prospecting success. Unleash the Power of Targeted Outreach.

Vast Datapool

Leverage an extensive data pool of contacts and never run out of prospects in your location

Complete Profiles

Unlock Comprehensive Contact Profiles. Gain access to valuable information.

Select & Target

Location-Wise Prospecting

Elevate your real estate marketing with Reprosify’s Geographic Farming System, a tried-and-true strategy for agents. Utilize our data to precisely target geographic areas, from zipcodes to cities, ensuring your campaigns are up-to-date and highly focused with comprehensive customer insights. Reprosify equips agents with precise data to capture ideal leads and convert them into valuable prospects. Streamline your prospecting and watch your success soar with Reprosify’s geographically-farmed data pool.
Harness Our 267 Million Consumer Data Pool to Target and Capture Your Ideal Prospects!

Capture & Qualify

Identifying Opportunities

Simplify the geofarming process with Reprosify’s user-friendly platform. Benefit from reliable, actionable data to effectively market, filter, and follow up on geo-farming prospects. Reprosify’s advanced technology and user-centric interface empower you to efficiently qualify leads and nurture them into valuable clients. Streamline your lead management process with Reprosify, making it a seamless and rewarding experience.
Our streamlined contact form and comprehensive questionnaire provide a 360-degree view of each lead, empowering you to convert effortlessly.

Build Relationships & Close

Empowering Connections

With Reprosify’s support, you can direct your valuable time to what truly counts – forging connections and sealing successful real estate transactions. Following the capture of prospects through your marketing initiatives and their rapid qualification via a comprehensive questionnaire, you’re all set to prioritize the cultivation of meaningful relationships and the closure of lucrative deals.
Direct Your Focus to Building Valuable Connections and Sealing Lucrative Deals, while We Streamline Your Lead Qualification Process.


Build Audiences With More Accuracy

Create and scale hyper-targeted digital advertising campaigns that drive results with
Reprosify’s robust data pool and powerful tools to qualify more leads into prospects.

Simplifying Real Estate Careers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand things can get tricky, but this is where our FAQs section comes in! Get answers to your most pressing questions related to real estate.
What does Geo-farming mean?
Geo-farming refers to providing the user with a datapool of contacts based on a precise location. Through this data, you can target your prospecting efforts in your preferred area.
How much does Reprosify charge per contact generated through Geo-farming?
Reprosify charges you $0.0075/Contact generated through Geo-farming.
How does Reprosify filter the geofarmed data it provides?
The user selects their state, zip code, city and county. Reprosify provides the user geo-farmed data and contacts filtered based on these four parameters.
Is Geo-farming the same as Geo-leads?
No, geo-farming is different from geo-leads. Geo-Farming provides you with contacts belonging to a particular location, along with their information such as emails and phone numbers. You can use this information to connect with these contacts and open up new opportunities for lead prospecting.

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